According to American Psychiatric Association, mental illness is the change in thinking, emotion, and behavior.   These changes pose a threat to function appropriately in the s from mental illness.  Due to the increasing rates of people affected by any form of mental illness, continuous studies are being conducted to improve the detection and treatment of mental illness.

The Future Of Depression

Studies and tests are being conducted to improve detection and treatment of mental illness in an individual.   Drugs like ketamine are being tested on how effective it is in treating depression.   Though found not to have a lasting cure, it could prevent suicide.    Even efficacy of arts such as music and painting are being explored to see its psychological effects on treatment of depression.  Other studies being considered are the use of herbals like St. John’s wort, Chinese practices like acupuncture and tai chi, animal therapy, and diet modifications.


Not only advancement in treatment is being studied.   New ways to improve detection are also being revolutionized.  the millennials.

Is Smartphone Smarter Than Humans? Can Various Apps Replace Your Therapist?

Millennials are so attached to their phones and laptops.   These two are inseparable.   They can easily open up and pour out their emotions on social media without hesitation, but never in front of an actual person.   This what makes mental health apps and online depression assessment popular.   They find it not only readily available to them 24/7, but because of the social phobia.


Another revolutionizing method is the speech recognition software that detects signs of depression in someone’s voice alone by just recording and listening to the tone and speed of his speech.

In the movie Her, the lead actor after coming out of a failed marriage suffers from loneliness, emptiness, and fear of abandonment.  This borderline personality trait derailed his capacity to get into another relationship.    Captivated with the OS he installed, he one day finds himself falling in love and starting a relationship with the playful and witty voice in his phone.

This movie shows the connection between our dependence on technology and the burgeoning gap it creates that stops us from having human interactions.


Online assessments, mental health apps, and voice recognition software have their advantages and disadvantages.   These advanced technologies should not be misused nor feared.   They should not be loved and trusted more than humans though they are of equal importance.   They were developed not help those who are tied in their jobs or busy in their homes and cannot visit a hospital or a psychiatrist. And, to reach out to those people suffering from depression but afraid to open up to anyone, to be treated immediately once detected, to lessen the incidence of suicide, and to help the health professionals extend their services to be able to combat this debilitating disease.

Years of tedious works are poured out to develop this system, and countless trials were done to achieve it’s almost perfect structure to build us not to ruin us.