The wellness activist Kris Carr sums up depression perfectly. She says that it’s an emotion that triggers a chemical reaction and impacts your physical health. Accordingly, it must be dealt with. ‘Dark thoughts’ might not disappear altogether, but they can be controlled using these five simple tricks.

  • Chat Rooms

Depression can be the result of childhood trauma, distressing events in life or physical illness. It’s a feeling of indecisiveness, worthlessness and low self-esteem. All of which can be exacerbated if you are lonely and do not have an active listener.

That’s why a depression chat room can help, and this is affirmed by this article on BetterHelp. It gives a chance to communicate your thoughts and put them in perspective, without burdening your loved ones, or being judged by those closest to you.

  • Therapy And Counseling

Like chat rooms, therapy and counseling are outlets for dark thoughts. However, with the latter, you’ll have a professional advising you along the way. This is an addition that can be very helpful, especially if you don’t have a stable personal life or someone you can share your worries with.

There are a variety of therapy options– from Art therapy which pushes individuals to communicate their emotions through artistic mediums, to Psychodynamic therapy which helps the patient to understand how unconscious thoughts are affecting their health.

  • Sleep

Sleep provides immense relief. It gives you the energy to cope with life and the ability to push all of the dark emotions back. The ‘magic’ in it is that it regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, a function that controls your hormones. This, in turn, works to normalize your emotions and control the frequent ‘lows’ you may be prone to.

However, don’t spend all day, every day, curled up in a ball, asleep. In this case, sleeping means having a set ‘bedtime’ and making sure that you have 7-9 hours, depending on your age, of sleep every night.

  • Exercise And Diet

When people talk about these two, they are usually discussing weight loss. We aren’t. Increasing your exercise and controlling your diet are simple ways to beat depression. They work hand in hand, giving your body the ability to fight the physical and mental effects of depression.  Too much sugar can disrupt your system, depleting it of nutrients and spiking your insulin. In addition, this can lead to depression.

Exercise will get you out of bed, allow your body to benefit from fresh air and increase your positivity. Haven’t you noticed how happy you feel after a bit of exercise? That is the feeling of accomplishment, which comes from a healthy increase in your dopamine and serotonin levels!

You don’t need to join a gym to be able to exercise. Go for a walk in the morning before people wake up. Take it as an opportunity to stop at the park and sit on the swings.

  • Keep Busy

Keeping busy… now that’s important. Wallowing in bed, ignoring the world and hiding beneath a wall of self-doubt will only increase your depression. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest or invent the next television Just get up and do something.

Keeping yourself busy will help you to control, or at least, ignore those dark thoughts. Take small steps. Start by going to the coffee shop and talking to a friend for five minutes and work your way up. Keeping a daily diary will help you to monitor your progress!

In the end…

Don’t let those dark thoughts run your life. The path to a better, less depressed life is a healthy mind. This means finding an outlet for your thoughts. Whether this is a 30-minute ‘chat room’ session or a weekly visit to a therapist. You also need to keep active and know when to call it quits at night. Sleep, exercise, and an active life are checkpoints on the road to recovery.