Depression even in its mildest form affects one’s quality of life. It poses problems on how we see ourselves. With this, our relationships with family, friends, and the community suffer. Our activities may be limited, leaving us feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Though some cases resulted in suicide, there are some who were able to manage and live happily with it.

Always A Stigma

With our fast-changing world, it seems so natural to be anxious and stressed. Be watchful, stress when left unmanaged may result in depression and some other form of mental illness. And once diagnosed, acceptance is never easy and so is coming out in the open. Shame and fear of letting others know may leave you feeling sadder and more depressed. Denial worsens the situation that sometimes leads to suicide.


Each one of us is susceptible to having anxiety and stress. Even people who have a relationship with God suffers from this. But because of the belief, acceptance comes not easier but sooner depending on the degree of the relationship and involvement in the ministry of the Lord. Once we understand our limitations as humans, it is more comfortable to admit that anxiety and stress can affect anyone.

To Each His Own

The word anxiety appears multiple times in the Bible, and so words such as sadness, troubles, and distress depending on what version you are using. Characters in the Bible were not even excused from these emotions. They too suffer from anxiety and stress, like King David and King Saul.

Coping will never be comfortable, Christian or non-Christian, but it is possible.


Christian Therapy

Though there are still debates on the role of religion in mental health issues, its positive effects on people who have mental illness cannot be discounted. Women are more prone to suffer from depression than men. And yet, these same women taking medications for their disease may one day get pregnant. How can they get treatment then? Are these tablets safe for pregnant women to use?

In this instance, it is where the role of the church in the society comes in. There are churches helping women with depression to come out in the open and get the treatment they need through Christian therapy and counseling. This counseling then serves as an alternative to pills.

Christian therapist and counselors open one’s mind to possibilities and realities of life the Biblical way. A holistic approach that deals with values, relationships, forgiveness, hope, faith, and love. All this is believed to have effects on mental health. They guide you into developing the godly values that are already in you, turning a failing relationship into a strong one, helping to free you from the chains of anger, encouraging you to continue in the path to healing.


Final Word

There is hope in every situation. There are several tools and techniques to deal with depression. Suicide and hiding it is never a solution. Never let depression rule over you. Seek medical and professional help. Know that your Christian therapist and counselors can help you find hope for happy life despite depressing and stressful experience.

Do not lose hope, instead depend on God’s love. Let your faith fuels your desire to stay positive and have a happy life. Treatment is not on pill alone but hopes that God gives can likewise make you well.