We all get this feeling of wanting to feel alone and isolated sometimes to detach ourselves from all the demands of our daily life. For some people especially for an introverted type of personality, being alone means peace and solitude. However, being constantly alone and feeling lonely is different. It has ill effects on our physical health and may lead to inclinations such as hurting oneself or others. What are the warnings that we should be aware of so we do not fall into the trap of loneliness?

Schedule Your Day And Plan Wisely

A structured day to day schedule such as writing in a planner is helpful for people who lack the motivation to get through the day. This way the person can look forward to accomplishing something daily and can tick it off once it’s done thus promoting a feeling of being productive. However, the schedule must not be stressful but rather fulfilling. It is a good way of distraction from lonely thoughts that can make the person feel sad or down.

Plan Activities That Involve Interacting With People

Humans are designed to be connected. A conversation with a friend sharing common interests and hobbies, a chat or a smile with a stranger in the park, playing with kids witnessing their nonchalant innocence and enthusiasm. These things connect us with people and allow us to feel the connection and purpose.


Pick Nutritious And Healthy Food Choices

What we put in our mouth has effects on our mood as well. There are chemicals that are responsible for increasing cortisol levels in our body adding up to stress. It is important to choose foods that can uplift our mood. Do this along with exercise, sweating, and exposing in the sun improves mood as well. It has an overall benefit to physical and psychological health.

Seek For Help Or Therapy

There are various resources available that can help people suffering from loneliness and depression such as the access to different online therapy. In this way, online therapists can focus on the individual needs of the person on what suits them best, what are their goals and together discover the ways and means to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. The patient and online therapist can develop a structure to improve a quality of life and psychological health.


Although feeling lonely is a universal emotion, being aware of your emotions and when to seek help when times get tough and out of hand, is very helpful. Gaining control of your emotions and the accessibility of online assistance and support whenever needed.

Life is a wonderful journey, opening our eyes to the numerous possibilities and looking forward with faith and optimism can enhance our mind and emotions. Save a room for hope and faith instead of locking oneself inside the room.