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Cool And Practical Apps For Couples – Part 2


In my previous post, I shared some innovative apps that are great for bringing couples together. Many of us are always finding ways to connect with the ones we love, and I firmly believe that the world of technology is a great way to create bonds and improve intimacy. As I’ve said before, I will recommend more apps that are suitable and helpful for couples.


Dirty Games Truth Or Dare

Dirty Games Truth Or Dare is the virtual version of an old children’s game. However, in this version, it will be more customized for the couples. It is much adventurous and sexy as it adds a sensual spin to the classic party game.


Fix A Fight

This app aims to smooth things out between couples. For starters, Fix A Fight has relaxation and self-soothing exercises that will help you get comfortable. It also advises on relationship situations. The voice of a marital therapist can help soothe you. It reminds you of the progress you’ve made so far and will provide reports about the things you’ve done for each other.




Foodie is an app that can help you out with your dishes. The app contains a list of recipes for you to review and try. It’s a good app if you and your partner like to cook together.



Avocado contains a couples to-do list, enables the partners to communicate through text and has a shared calendar and notes. Everything in this app will be in sync with your partner’s account.



Similar to the regular phone network, Line allows couples to have conversations over the phone. This service is free of charge. However, you will need a reliable internet connection to make it work. It can also be used for texting and for sharing information. This app is also much known for its cute emoticons and stickers.



Just like any other app for couples, LokLok allows sharing between couples. It is easy to access once it is downloaded to your phone.



In this app, you can send recorded voice messages to your partner. There’s no need to create an account. Just download HeyTell, type in the phone number, and press record! Sending audio voice clips is more comfortable and quicker than typing down messages, so this app is best for couples who are busy with no time to text.




Postagram allows you to send a virtual postcard to your significant other. You can personalize your postcard and decorate it with seasonal designs. It’s perfect for birthdays or anniversaries, and for romantic little notes. This is one way to bridge the distance between two people. The app is also supported by Sincerely Guarantee, so if your Postagram is damaged or you’re not satisfied with it, they can send another Postagram for free or refund your payment.


Feel Me (Bonus)

This app allows you to send text messages to your partner. Feel Me also allows you to view where your partner’s fingertips are flitting across while texting.

Through technology, it is easier to touch base with your loved one. New memories with your significant other are now just a click away. There will always be a variety of apps that can help you improve your relationships, some of which can fit your needs and lifestyle. I hope the apps I shared with you can be put to good use.

Cool And Practical Apps For Couples – Part 1


With technological advancements, staying in touch is never a problem. Technology has introduced numerous ways to get connected, not only for free but in a quick way as well. The internet world has devised some apps that will bridge the distance between two people, and below are some of the practical applications that couples can utilize for communication.


Simply Us

Simply Us not only allows partners to communicate but it can also be used in organizing things. The app contains things like to-do lists, photo sharing, organizing schedules, and so many more. These details will be shared between you two which can help you get things on track. It is customizable and very user-friendly and perfect for couples who work opposite shifts.



Couple is a social media app that was created explicitly for couples. It has an app version that enables the users to make phone calls, do FaceTime, text, design videos and the like. There is also a calendar and to-do list that will be shared between the couple. It can be used for those in a long-distance relationship to get in-sync.




What sets ThelceBreak from other apps is that it allows the couple to have more meaningful conversations other than phone calls. It can store up questions which can be answered by the other app users or the significant other privately. You can also earn some money from this app when you complete actions. It aims to improve communication, affection, and excitement in a relationship.



The app can be used as a locator. It allows the user to have details on where the partner is located at the moment. All you have to do is text your partner, and there’s no need to download the app on his device.



Between is an app that can lessen the space between you and your significant other. In this app, you get to share photos, messages, stickers and other stuff. It will be your private world from everyone else. This is a couples-only app that can store memories and help you communicate better with one another.




Just like other apps designed for couples, You&Me allows a couple to share photos, messages, videos and the like. It’s sort of a private Snapchat for the two of you. The app has a user-friendly interface and design. With You&Me, songs can also be shared between the couple.



The best thing about Sesame is that you can send presents to your significant other with just a few clicks. In a matter of minutes, your partner will receive the gift. The gift fee starts at $20 which includes the delivery charges. It’s a cute and quick way to surprise your partner, especially on important days like ValentinesDay, birthdays, and anniversaries.



As a writer, I’m not the biggest fan of creating long posts or articles. For now, these apps are what I will recommend for techie couples out there. I always believe that technology can establish better relationships instead of building walls.


In my next post, I will give more apps that are good and very helpful in paving a good relationship for couples.

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