We use technology in every facet of life. Gone are the days when we had to work manually for long periods to accomplish a task. Today, with only a few clicks and presses, we can access millions of things and complete tasks within minutes.

Older members of your family have probably witnessed the dramatic advances in technology as they grew older. That’s the reason why they can feel overwhelmed with catching up on the latest technology. However, we can not deny that they must learn how new technology works. Doing so would make life easier for them, especially that mobility decreases as people age.

The latest machinery and gadgets can provide speed and efficiency in accomplishing various tasks. As such, teaching seniors to get accustomed to digital literacy can significantly improve their quality of life. Here are some benefits of introducing older family members on new technology:

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Communicating With Loved Ones

We can now contact and keep in touch with loved ones from the other side of the world through communication apps. For older people who have lost touch with their friends and relatives, this is good news.

“If you see that these older adults are not communicating with anyone regularly, encourage them to reach out to their children, grandchildren, close friends, and even individuals they have met just recently,” suggests Morton H. Shaevitz, Ph.D., ABPP, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at UC San Diego. 

These apps can be in the form of texting, chatting, calling, and video calling. Apps like Messenger and Skype have indeed shaped the way we communicate with our family and friends. These applications are easy-to-use and these are manageable even for seniors. It helps not only with social connections but also for their mental and cognitive health.

Furthermore, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are also a way to keep in touch with their children and grandchildren. It’s an excellent way for them to pass the time and get to connect with significant people in their life as well. They can access real-time updates to relatives and with the current trends and issues as well.

Health And Medication

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Modern technology allows seniors to access smart apps and devices for their medication reminders. Some intuitive wearables notify you when to take your medications or when your doctor’s appointment is. You can link these devices to their caregiver or family’s devices to alert if they missed a dose.

Furthermore, with the Internet’s accessibility, it is easy to search for medication instruction and precautions for diseases and accidents. 


Through the Internet, older people can keep engaged and entertained. They can stream their favorite movies and TV shows or listen to their favorite songs. With all the streaming apps available on the web, it has become even more accessible now.

For elders who love gaming, they can also try out a plethora of online and offline games. They can even discover new hobbies that they can enjoy by just browsing through the web.

For Safety

Aside from devices for medication reminders, some devices protect or even save the lives of older people. An example of this is fall detection devices that can sense vitals change and dangerous falls. Some devices can alert other people through a button press, and some can detect it without pressing any button.


For older members of the family without a car or vehicle of their own, it can be a hassle to move around. Fortunately, there are many rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber, with whom they can schedule rides. Doing so can boost their independence and confidence as they can go from one place to another using an app. It is also helpful for emergencies when ambulances can’t quickly reach their destination.

Navigating Tool

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GPS technology is helpful for older family members who go out often or with cognitive impairments or dementia. Through these useful apps, family members can track their whereabouts easily. Hence, it can provide you peace of mind and your senior with extra safety. You can easily connect these apps with smartphones and smartwatches.

Food Delivery Apps

Nowadays, you can easily access food delivery services through easy-to-use apps. These services are great for older family members who can’t prepare their own food. Some companies also offer home grocery delivery, which delivers meals and essentials right at your doorstep. It eliminates the need for seniors to go out. Some of the most well-known food delivery applications today are Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Seamless. 

Home Technology

Of course, home technology is perhaps the best innovation that humankind has made. These machinery and equipment make life easier and more manageable for us. While these are great for us, it is even extra useful for older members of the family with difficulties in mobility. Some of these devices include auto shut-off for safety, smart thermostats, outlets, detectors, cookwares, and security systems.

There are also several home assistive devices designed to help seniors in handling everyday tasks. These are best for those who suffer from a motor or cognitive impairments.

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Smart Devices

Finally, the development of smart devices that use voice detection helps assist seniors’ everyday lives. Virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Home can help with note-taking, and performing tasks on your device.

These devices can also perform tasks such as increasing room temperature or double locking doors all through voice command. They can also call family members and friends without dialing a phone number. Through this, they can also listen to news or weather forecasts aloud without having to read anything.


While it can be understandable for older family members to resist technology, it’s never too late to introduce it to them. It keeps them engaged with loved ones and up-to-date with the rest of the world. Through the use of technology, they can boost their well-being and continue learning even as grown-ups.