In a world that has seemingly retracted the best in us, wherein failure, disappointment, and grief become much of what we have to deal with every single day, how do we find ourselves? Are we helplessly bound to what the world dictates we ought to be or do we ultimately have control over our emotions and the way by which we overcome our darkest feelings?



Nothing is more comforting knowing that while we may not always choose what life throws at us, we can decide how to deal with it. In this world that forces us into covering up in our shells, there remain various ways for us to overcome whatever grief we experience. Photography is one of these helpful ways.

Phototherapy is a way towards healing that uses photos as triggers for introspection. It uses photographs to spark self-expression and enhance the communication between the person experiencing grief and the greater world around him. Here’s how photography can save us from the haunt of grief:


  1. Photography Silences Our Inner Monsters

The thing about grief is that it puts us under a feeling of isolation that gets darker and darker every time. Photography shifts our attention from the quarrels of our inner dilemmas towards finding the beauty from the outside. It has a calming effect that quiets our anxious thoughts and causes us to see a glimpse of the positivity lurking in the corners of nature.


  1. Photography Speaks For Us When Words Fall Short

Grief has this effect of forcing us to withdraw from any social interaction in a desire to contain the pain unseen by people. But right at the time when no word becomes enough to capture our feelings, photos speak for us.



These static photos allow us to tell the world about the dynamism of how we feel, without saying a word. Pictures make way for creative expressions of the self in ways that don’t feel obligatory.


  1. Photography Gives Us A Sense Of Control

During times of loss, we are fooled into delving in the negativities that eventually entangle us. It is why we feel helpless. But as we continue to take our own photos, we get a sense that we can control how we frame our shots.

We get to decide what to highlight and what to dump in the background; what to focus and what to set aside. We get a sense of confidence, of empowerment, and of strengthening.



  1. Photography Connects Us With Our Subconscious Mind

Photos reveal something about our inner selves, and sometimes, these are things we hardly realize. As we look at the pictures we take, it ushers us into a journey of discovery of what lies in our inner thoughts.

We get so caught up in the fast movement of life that we miss out on the little things that we can celebrate about ourselves. Pictures prompt us to stop and appreciate what we have and who we are after all.



  1. Photography Helps Us Keep Track Of Ourselves

If we are to keep some sort of a photo diary, we can track the photos we took for a specific span of time and it would reveal yet another thing about our personality. We may discover patterns about our emotions. It allows us to pinpoint which visual images feed us with positive thoughts versus those which trigger our negative emotions. Our photo diaries help us know who we were before and see how far we’ve come, even we barely realize it.

There are a lot of powerful testimonies about how photography saved numerous lives from sinking deep into depression because of grief. It is never too late to take that step forward. So grab your cameras and take as many snapshots to your heart’s content.